Saturday, 28 July 2012

How To Unlock ANY USB Modem Easily !

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We face many difficulties in Unlocking any perticular USb modem...But here is a Simple trick to Unlock Any USB Modem....By Very SImple Steps !!!!
(you can unlock Huawei Modem , Vodafone Modem , BSNl , Relience , Airtel , Tata Docomo OR ANY Modem)

Just Follow the simple Steps :

(1) First you will have to download "NOKIA PC SUITE"
Download it From HERE.
(2) Now attach your USB modem to CPU.
(3) Now Open PC suite. Click on "One Touch Access"

(4) Now in Setting...

(5) Just click Next...

Thats it ...Now let it connect within 10 seconds..And Boom it gets connected...

If any problem persists...reply here !!!


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