Saturday, 28 July 2012

Clean RAM for HIGH Performance !!!

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Optimize RAM for high performance of your PC...

1)First of all for this pc tricks create a
new text file on ur desktop and Name it
as " RAM cleaner" or something else.

2)Now the next step for this pc tricks is
to Type the following lines in the text

Free Mem =Space(64000000)
Then save it as RAM cleaner .vbs [ You
may choose the "All Files" option when
you save it ]

3).Now you will saw a new executable
file on the screen named as RAM Cleaner.
For this PC trick to perform run the file
and your RAM gets cleaned up.
One more thing i want to introduce in
this pc tricks is that you can edit the
code in the file for a greater cleaning-
progress. For example: Freemem=Space
Note: Its 70% working...
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