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- these are the list of adfly alternatives. alternative means all url shortening service sites similar to adfly or like adfly url shortening service. They are alternative to adfly in the sense that you can use them to do virtually all you can do with adfly. However, some of the alternative listed below even paid more better than adfly and also perform more than, that is there are several ways to earn money with them more than adfly apart from their popular way of making money which is similar to adfly.However, below are the list of adfly url shortener service alternatives. They are arranged according to the amount of money they pay per 1000 clicks and also the number of years they have been online doing business. Note: only legit, tested and paying ones are listed below:
linkbu£ck linkbucks is url shortener that is alternative to adfly. They are similar in all ramifications except on the payment and the number of years online. Linkbu£k pays its members more than $6.5 per 1000 clicks on their short urls. They also pay 20% commission on each person you refer to their website. The payment method is paypal and alertpay. And the minimum payout is $5. It's legit and have been online for the past 8 years. VISIT OR JOIN LINKBU£K FROM HERE
Adfo£us Adfo£us is a link shortener that is alternative to adfly. You can earn money through short url. Adfo£us pays you up to $2.00 per 1000 clicks on your short url. You earn 20% of referral commissions for life and they have three referral level programs. Payment method is paypal and alertpay and minimum payout is $5.00 They are legit and have been working online for the past 3 years.VISIT OR JOIN ADFO£US FROM HERE is another adfly alternative url shortener that pays $4.0 per 1000 clicks on your shorten links. The minimum payout is $10 and the payment method is paypal and alertpay. YOU MAY VISIT AND JOIN FROM HERE
Bee4biz Bee4biz is a website similar to linkb£uk and also an alternative to adfly. You can earn money through short url and content locker. They pay up to $3.5 per 1000 clicks. The payment is through paypal and the minimum payout is $10.00. VISIT AND JOIN BEE4BIZ FROM HERE
Now you have seen the top paying adf£ly alternative you can visit them to join or learn more. Tip: the top,linkbucks and are easier to make money with than bee4biz than adfocus.


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