Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers !

Dialy 500 Facebook Accounts are hacked/Accessed By Hackes In Each State in Every Country ! So this is Great Risk...Your Important Documents , Photos !
So Be Aware by Few Steps !

Dont give Passwod and username of Your Account to Anyone!
Dont Fillup your account Information on anysite ! (To avoid SPAMMING)

Follow the Steps To Make Your Account Safe ! (zoom these imgs)

(1) Try to Change your Facebook Password at Every Month !

(2) Now in 'Security Tab" Turn on the Following :

Secure Browsing , login  Notificatios , App passwords and Recognised Devices !

(3) Most important - Privacy Setting !

(4) Now Click on "Edit Setting" of "How to connect" 

Now you can configure it that who can send you Friend requests , Who can send you Messages , Who can see the information you provided on your Profile .

(5) You can Block People (if you find any suspet) !
Thus this are some ways to Protect your Facebook Account !


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